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vinyl mastering dublin ireland

Vinyl Cutting

Masterlabs runs a Neumann 'VMS Special' cutting lathe. The cutting head is an SX74 which is the loudest / clearest acetate cutting head ever made by Neumann. The cutting amps are VG66 customized by Vinylium. Recently the lathe got upgraded with the Vinylium Pitch Control computer. This enables us to cut longer and louder than ever before. Additionally we can cut at 1/2 speed (16.2/3rpm and 22.5rpm) which enables the amps to give an additional 4db with no distortion, compression or hi-frequency limiting. This machine has had a complete rebuild (2010), and is currently running far above it's original factory spec.

At Masterlabs we create a dedicated master for the cut to vinyl which ensures the best possible audio quality.


Please check our optimal and maximum running times:

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